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Dave had mentioned noone recognized him as being in Nirvana.... He's on the freakin' cover .... you'd have to be blind.... so yes, Dave, I recognized you as being the drummer in Nirvana..... what's weird is I saw that Chris Cornell was in Mad Season that I didn't know.... My heart bleeding for all our losses of beautiful artists from Shannon to Chris and Chester We have lost a huge gap of music to transport us to a better place..... FF stay true to what you love and stay with us .... personally I can't take another loss of an artist I can't listen to any of Chris's songs without crying .... It was right there infront of everyone, his pain, and maybe he was enabled? don't know just missing that voice and Chester? on Chris's bday? OMG Music is my life & yeah it's emotional to me... It has rode me on it's high forever whether it be classical I play on the piano or a rift that i need to hear over & over.... thank you guys for giving us all beautiful music to transport us to another place..... kudos....
Chris wasn't in Mad Season. He's on benefit album which is billed as mad Season but it's just him singing filling in for Layne
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