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I never said I wanted to sell it here. I said I would rather it go to someone here than sell it on eBay. I have traded vinyl with someone on here before.
I didnt mean to make out that you wanted to sell them
More that there are new people popping up all the time so was just throwing out there. Sorry it didnt come across in the way i intended it too
Astoria 24.08.05
Earls Court 17.12.05
Hyde Park 17.06.06
O2 Arena 17.11.07
Wembley Stadium 06.06.08
Wembley Stadium 07.06.08
Wembley Arena 25.02.11
Dingwalls 26.02.11
Milton Keynes 02.07.11
Milton Keynes 03.07.11
Reading Festival 26.08.12
Islington Assembly Hall 12.09.14
Queen Elizabeth Park 14.09.14

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The Holy Shits Islington pics
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