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I think it's time people updated their vinyl collections. Not many changes for me as I've been an unemployed student for the past few months. That seems unlikely to change. I know some of you have been busy collecting though so add your new shit!

Here's mine now -

- Foo Fighters - UK first pressing, archive copy, sealed since it was born
- The Colour and The Shape - UK Pressing, Really nice condition, near mint
- There is Nothing Left to Lose - UK pressing, Very good condition, again near mint, Tattoo still there
- 2x Wasting Light - US pressing, 45 RPM, One will stay sealed, the other will be played to death!
- In Your Honor - EU pressing, 33RPM, 4 vinyl box set. Mint.
- 2x Medium Rare - Again one to keep sealed and one for listening.
- One by One - 10" on the way, still sealed.

- Exhausted (Promo) - 12", Mint condition
- This Is A Call - 12" luminous vinyl single
- I'll Stick Around - 7" Single, Red Vinyl
- For All The Cows - 7" Single, Blue Vinyl
- Big Me - 7" Single, White Vinyl
- Everlong - UK 7" Single, Blue Vinyl
- My Hero - UK 7" Single, Red Vinyl
- 2 x Rope - 12", One sealed, one NM

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