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Just to add to this...

Now I'm settled in the new house, I'm re-erecting the Wall of Grohl! Took the opportunity to pull out my Pocketwatches from their frames and add them to The Grohlography.

Release 2 is the same but I have a different release 3. What do you think? Should there be a release 4 with round bullets, empty circles, single line address, no pocketwatch, bold late before going back to release 5 with the white but diamond bullets?

Also, any difference in the colour of the tape? My 2 is light brown and my 3 is dark brown.
Just giving you a bump here bro - have read and this is very interesting. Shiited for time at the moment and don't want to rush anything so I will review all of this in the weekend. Bottom line, I'm totally sure there are probably a couple more variants, someone from Simple knew someone I've crossed paths with and I was told it was often a seat of your pants job getting stuff done. True Indy spirit - true nightmare for collectors

As a nice side note - the company is still holding a web site even though they have stopped releasing - same kind of attitude to keeping alive what they DID do - I love it lol
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