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Wondering if they will have any freebies with it? They sometimes have a lyric booklet or something with some releases.
Yeah used to get pretty cool sometimes. Haven't been too exciting lately (a postcard came with Wasting Light) but the special first release of the All My Life CD single came in a box with special promo key chain. I've only ever seen it once on eBay (it was a $40 or so Buy Now from Japan and I quickly snapped it up). I only knew it wasn't fake because it was talked about by collectors on pages back ten years ago as very hard to find.

Mind you I think they did them a lot more with the CD singles - there was definitely more margin being made on them. Those were the days...

Just imagine where we'd be if Vinyl hadn't made a come back... "Thank you for your order of the Foo Fighters Sonic Highways mega set - click here to download your super limited electronically signed digital 3D box, with electronic 3D Puzzle and Hi-res Wallpaper Flag. And don't forget to download your shitty mp3's!

If it ever happens you can be sure HM Revenue & Customs will find a way to make sure you still have the pleasure of paying the VAT. I'm gonna call it DIVAT (Digital Value Added Tax). Do not confuse this with the golfing term DIVOT which refers to where an iron scrapes off the top of the turf where the ball was resting, both re the turf that is scraped up, and the scarred area in the fairway where the turf had been. DIVAT meanwhile refers to the exact same process, but applied to your wallet.
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