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It's hit and miss. Sometimes they have announced it 2/3 months in advance. Sometimes less than that.

Re QOTSA - they are less likely to do a support set for a whole tour in the US than, say, Brazil, if only because of the size of the shows.

Bear in mind that the shows in South America are large stadiums. It might be feasible for Queens to join them at, say, Fenway or Wrigley, but less likely elsewhere.

Royal Blood would make more sense, size wise, but as people have pointed out, they may be taking some time to do other things.
Thank you so much for this help. I'm actually going to the Fenway show, so maybe QOTSA? I don't know. But if not QOTSA, I'm really hoping for Greta Van Fleet and/or The Struts. I know whatever opening act they get for Fenway, it's gonna be great, because they really do pick fantastic openers.
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