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I'm very late to reading Mick Wall's Foo Fighters book, and have spotted a potential mistake that might be old news to most of you.

There's a reference (on p171 of my copy) to "...the band's 2011 Before and After documentary."

I assume that should be Back And Forth. Is that just a daft mistake it was it originally titled Before And After?
London Stadium, 23rd June 2018
O2 Arena, 19th September 2017
Milton Keynes Bowl, 2nd July 2011
O2 Arena, 18th November 2007
Glastonbury, 26th June 1998
V97 Hylands Park, 17th August 1997
Hammersmith Apollo, 18th December 2009
Hammersmith Apollo, 17th December 2009
Brixton Academy, 26th August 2009
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