Default Re: is it OK to be a Foo fan and think Homme is a d-bag?

I think TCV is a great project, every member adds important input to a very tight whole. it's a fact that Josh has a more powerful vocal range, and also a fact that he's a great guitar player, both of which can be measured and that's why I call them facts. opinion appears when you like those or not, which (again) is perfectly fine, you don't have to like his singing or his playing, but at least recognize he does a competent job.

I think this is a great band, with great songs, but not perfect, they could do a few things better, maybe structuring the songs differently would add to a more consistent work, but still doesn't bother me.

see? arguments, my opinions, my criticism without having to attack anyone and perfectly understandable even with my flawed grammar. and I will not respond to posts that just attacks me, I don't get into arguments with children.

best regards.
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