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I prefer the Forum to Staples. Staples would be good if the Foos played 'We Will Rock You' and 'Rock 'N Roll (pt. 1)' and chants of "DEE!!!"... "FENCE!!!". Because those don't sound bad echoing off 360 degrees of three stories of glass fronted luxury boxes.
The Forum has history... not that it matters, I supposed. But... that is the stage that hosted Led Zeppelin's 4 consecutive nights in 1975... and the Who playing 'Quadrophenia' in '73... and Queen and Wings and Nirvana... that counts for something, right?
I got my GenAdm tix for both nights... see you all there.
I'll see you there both nights Cosmo!
aka Cheryl from Iowa

*wears a helmet at all times*
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