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Tribute acts generally try to emulate their heroes Simon. The Bootleg Beatles don't look and dress like The Beatles....... I think so!

It's all good amigo..... Taylor thought it was cool when I met him at Studio 606 in 2011. Taylor, "Hey, you kinda look like Dave, same t-shirt, same guitar... bit skinnier though..... cool!".

Seems to be cool with at least one Foo man so I'm happy with that.
Hopefully he did pass on my flyer to Dave..... one day eh!
With a band like The Beatles I can understand it because they had a clear image and two of them are now no longer with us. The real thing can never exist again. Even if they did they would never have the 60s image that the cover band do. So in that way it makes sense.

Dave does still exist as does the whole band obviously so it just seems bizarre to me. Even more so when you're the only one in the band that does it, the rest of the band don't seem to bother.

I have no problem with cover bands just playing songs they love for fun, nothing wrong with that, but dressing exactly like them, wearing the same clothes and ever trying to emulate their posture and movements is just weird. Be yourself, not someone else.

Oh and Taylor is a nice guy, I'm sure he wouldn't have said anything if he thought it was weird.
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