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The CS is crappy.I didn't get a real answer when I asked when my shirt was to be shipped, just "We have it and you will receive notification when it leaves". Meanwhile people I know who ordered after me(some with the same shirt) have their stuff!If it doesn't go out this week I will be asking for a refund.

What really worries me is our mega boxes.How quick are they going to be in getting those out?Plus if any are damaged/lost we are shit out of luck as in the faq they assume no responsibility for damage or loss.
There are clauses in contracts between Paypal and Merchants that cover things like this, and between credit card companies and Paypal and merchants too. So in most countries, if you go to Paypal and they did nothing, you go to your bank and lodge an item not received as described type claim. Banks actually take it quite seriously especially if you are a good customer. Paypal then get stung and pass it on to the merchant.

So usually if you try the merchant and they refuse to fix a problem, then you pass all that contact and response info on to PayPal, they will honour the refund etc themselves, simply because they know if you are saying you will go to your bank next, that your bank WILL reverse the payment to them in due course anyway, so they may as well make good themselves.

In the end if it happens too many times Paypal and or Visa/MC etc will stop trading with a retailer - happens all the time.

Whatever you do, don' ever believe that because a seller says "tough bad luck" online, that you're stuck. Far from it.
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