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Grohl plays drums on Buzz Osborne's Kiss-styled solo-EP "King Buzzo", where he was credited as Dale Nixon.

helped recreating the music of the Beatles' early years for the movie Backbeat by contributing drums.

Grohl plays drums on 2 songs for Mike Watt's "Ball-Hog or Tugboat?"

Grohl contributes guitar to a cover of Neil Young's "I've Been Waiting For You", appearing on David Bowie's album "Heathen"

Dave drums on several tracks for NINs "With Teeth" and on "Bad Boyfriend", for Garbage, released on "Bleed Like Me" in 2005

Recorded drums on Juliette and the Licks album "Four On The Floor"
Recorded drums on Pete Yorn's "For Us", appearing on the album "Nightcrawler"

Grohl joins Paul McCartney's band, singing backup vocals and playing guitar on "Band On The Run", and drums on "Back in the USSR" and "I Saw Her Standing There".

Drums on "Run With The Wolves" and "Stand Up" for Prodigy's album "Invaders Must Die"

Michael Jackson
Dave Grohl recorded drums to the Jackson song "(I Can't Make It) Another Day" in 2002 I think. He didn't hear anything about it in the following years. But in 2010 it was released on Michael Jackson's album. However, as Dave said in a recent interview, they only used a sample of the snare drum he hit. Too bad, I wish we had heard his full drum parts. That would have made the song even better. Features also Lenny Kravitz on guitar.
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