Default Re: Melbourne 1st Show - Lets start with All My Life!

The guy who got to talk to stage during the acoustic was seated in front of me originally. He was running with a beer in each hand trying to get away from security but got caught by them and Dave called him up on stage. His friends in front of us called him on his phone a few minutes later and he had been kicked out of the venue.
The sound was awful where we were seated (not the Foo Fighters fault, the venue - the sound was fading in and out, bouncing off the walls maybe something to do with the open roof too). We were in Gold section - Level 1, row f, aisle 30 (which was on the side towards the back) so there was large groups of people going to the back of the venue running down the stairs straight past security and into the general admin area as they wouldn't be able to catch that many people at once.
We could barely hear the acoustic song Wheels at all so were entertained by the people trying to get into the general admin area and security failing to catch them. I even saw a security guard watching and laughing as another made it through.

We had a great time once again and they played all my favourite songs with so much energy
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