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Some mental Australian term for a prick, basically. Bogan. Billabong. Perth. Weird, weird country.
Hey watch it mate, I'm from Perth, and it's a city not a country, and I'm not that weird..really
Definition of a bogan - think AC/DC, mullet hair style, skinny black jeans, flannelette shirt and a pack of winnie blues (cigarettes) or winnie reds if your really tough, shoved up your t-shirt sleeve, black desert boots, they call girls "sheilas", drink Jim Beam, drive V8s and are still in existance. It's a lifestyle really. They are not all pricks. I've met some really nice ones.
Billabong is a brand of surfwear that is associated with "surfies", those that love to surf, they go out with "surfie chicks".
There is an Australian movie from the 70s called Puberty Blues that explains everything!
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