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Yup, a nice transfer with azimuth adjustment of the 1st two releases might potentially give a great result.
Yeah the bounces here now got me looking - I really do need to get onto that. I have a $1000 deck that's sitting in a box hardly used, and a tape that's sitting in another airtight box hardly used. The deck has load, travel and capstan adjustments. I always think yeah I'll do that it's been a couple of years...

Second gen - never did know who here owned it - but clearly looked after from the user name alone. In the box heading on 8 years now... I prob shouldn't wait for an Area 51 intervention lol. The joy here is it doesn't snow, and it doesn't go over 25 C.

Anyway, I'm adding it to the update on the releases as a must do and I'll see how it compares to the flacs in Simon's zip.
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