Default Re: Dear Foo Fighters STORE;)

Since I kinda started all this and read others comments I had an idea ( though in just " talking") idk what if anything would actually happen as a result but I'll just throw it out there-can't hurt right?! ( * watch me get banned now* )

1) email notifications for new merchandise ( though isn't that in place already? ) ( I didn't get an email either but maybe b/c of the social media they figure its not needed?)

2) men and women's sizes ( I'm a fan of the Echoes style/fab/etc women's shirt. though I and others have noticed the belt/ button holes that developed over time at the bottom of the shirt)

3) state what the merchandise is made out of-the percentages of material used and whether it's preshrunk or not.

I think maybe some of these changes would lead to increased sales ( not that I'm worried about the kids college funds-pretty sure the guys have plenty for that lol)

Same too for the other side bands- ie -Chevy Metal - Shifty & Dead Peasants. I got a Chevy Metal shirt but I won't wear it much b/c of the fit. -which is too bad-I would enjoy being free advertisement to the masses. And eventually it'll end up at Goodwill cuz it's not being worn ( i don't remember seeing that it was preshrunk)

I dig wearing black T-shirts. if they fit me like a girl. So. weird. I know. haha