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Yeah I was the 175th person to buy tickets at Anaheim. Amazing how all the GOOD seats were gone. I'm talking about sections 209,221,208,222. There are 14 seats per row in each of these sections; there are 17 rows. 1417=238 seats per section. Multiply that by 4 sections and you get 952 seats. If all you could buy was 4 seats. 175 ppl could only buy up 700 seats !! Where are the other 252 seats?? I got section 224 above J row because I was told along with the above mentioned sections, sections 207 & 223 were sold out too!! That's another 476 seats !! So in total there are 728 seats mysteriously gone. I smell scam and deception. SHAME ON YOU DAVE !! Is this the only way to sell bad seats ?? using a sham presale. I would gladly have paid another 50 bucks if that's the only way to buy good seats. All that's happening here is Ticketmaster encouragement to be the ones in control. I will probably sell mine at face value ( I'm no scalper) and spend the bucks for great seats. NOT FROM THE BAND. But from some SCALPER company lol.....Hmmm Dave is a nice guy maybe he didn't know. But if he did...AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
I heard this was all an elaborate practical joke and there isn't really any concert.
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