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I think you're missing the point of the "Beat The Bots" system. For one thing, you were able to get tickets today. Secondly, tickets in your same section will probably be 2-3 times as much on Stubhub. If you had waited until 12/5 you may not have been so lucky to even get a ticket before scalpers buy everything else up. Sorry, you didn't get the premium seats you had hoped for, but at least you didn't get shut out.

I got to the Memphis box office @ 8:15 and by 10:30 I had tickets in hand. I got 4 plaza level tickets. No, they're not right up front but I know I won't get as good of seats had I waited to buy online or at all. Furthermore, the weather was nice and they fed us donuts and coffee. I say the system was a success.
this should be repeated over and over and over!! Come December 1st---so very very many people will be shut out, not able to get tickets at all because of scalpers. That was the entire point and you stated it perfectly
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