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Agreed. I actually was surprised at how smooth it was. I can't say I quite understand how the seats were blocked off. I purchased mine two hours after sales began. Mine are not horrible by any sense... but I was surprised that best available for lower level reserved was rear right corner 12th row.

I get that they break down certain allocations for each ticket date. This time I think there are three. "Beat the bots", online presale, and general public. I do get that.... but I was still a little surprised based on being told that not THAT many people had been through for today.

I will say this.... the cost? For a concert like this and the most expensive ticket is $75. If people don't see how much money it takes putting on a production like this..... the people you have to pay... security, operations, stage hands, audio, various techs, police, medics, permits.... you really could go on and on.... It's not 'cheap' as a consumer ...that $75 but in comparison to some shows.... and for what you get.... Yeah that is a pretty huge bargain.

It's about the cheapest tickets I've looked at for Xcel or Target Center. Part of me wishes the band would charge more so there would be less demand. But I assume the band keep the price low on purpose, so the audience isn't full of only old farts like me.

For a typical presale via ticketmaster , if you don't get a great ticket in the first few seconds, you will get getting a seat in the first tier back corner or up at club level. So it sounds like they allocated the seats in a similar matter for this presale. I'd bet that you will be happy in a couple of weeks, because you've still got first tier tickets and this will sell out really fast. A bird in the hand . . . .
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