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So my last thread on this was locked - so I'm left with no chance to add any resolution or any update, I can only post a new thread.

I'd just leave it but given how serious this was for me I just want to put up the facts in one final post. I'm not trying to be angry because they have destroyed anything left to be angry about. On top of the all store shit a lot of effort was put in by Jill (and by me a HUGE amount of time hunting stuff up, writing, making images and explaining) yet still the end result is really only more awful than the start.

1) Jill tried to help. I carefully stated all the facts as brief bullet points in an email.

2) Jill spoke to management, my understanding is they muttered some stuff about the nefarious things people did on the store, that I bought high volumes, and that basically they pretty much felt I was a flipper. And would Jill vouch for me? She rightly said she knew of me but not really all that much about me since she doesn't live on the collector thread (true and totally fair) and could I explain?

3) I sent pics of all my eBay pages showing I haven't sold a thing in over ten years. All my feedback showing the same. My buy page showing me BUYING flipper items. Pics of all my key items showing some of the insane stuff I've acquired that no flipper would ever have.

4) Jill said she truly believed me - she'd already talked to Simon and April. I should hear from someone at management or the store.

5) I heard from nobody.

6) Jill said Management have spoken to the store, management say you won't have any more trouble with your orders and you should contact the store again about your issues.

7) I said I already have THREE outstanding contacts with the store about my issues - I'm not talking to them again, how could there be any point to that? I said if that is all management's response is AFTER having all my information and being able to see the mega fan I am and how bad Im telling them things are, then that is simply just passing the buck, and I am truly shocked because based on the management team I've always known I honestly expected once they found out they would shout "what the shit? - Mike we're sorry - leave it with us we will sort it out..."

But no - management too were utterly silent - not one word, not to me at least. At this point I gave up all hope. I should have known the moment I was even remotely accused of flipping that something has massively changed in management.

8) But wait - 2 days later I get some contact from the store! Yay! right - it will be that missing contact! Nope - their level of concern was just high enough for them to once again partially cancel my last outstanding order. Remember management's: "you will be OK with the store now". So that is management's definition of OK? Fortunately as stated above I have by now already totally given up any hope, so I am just laughing at this final kick in the teeth.

9) I message Jill and tell her all this. I know she has done her very best and really it's just a half hearted sigh on my behalf because I feel I am wasting her time- I even say that. Part of me just wants to not even mail but I figure she should at least know that the store has "helped".

Since then about another week has gone by and there's been no contact from anyone.

So I just wanted to set the record straight. I wanted to thank Jill and lay out the facts. I gave everyone involved a real true chance to fix things, or even at the least to comment and explain, even if they wouldn't apologise. I'm utterly beyond stunned that I was absolutely ignored.

I don't know what happened but it seems the band has now become big enough it either simply no longer wants to, or is no longer able to, truly care about it's fans over making money and creating hype. The posts alone about the store this cycle prove that, without even starting on all the shit I have gone through.

You can say it's management and they don't know about the store - but according to Jill they now DO know. Yet that has made no difference.

That just isn't the support I've shared with the band for 22 years. So I'm saying goodbye. Thanks to everyone who shared stuff with me along the way - and I hope you don't get your heart crushed by this new soul-less machine like I have.
Jill reached out to me asking what you do with your stuff and i said you are just a major collector. I find it hard to believe that they don't think there are major collectors of foo merch out there. Just don't give the official store your money anymore? There are other online stores with foo stuff with better customer service out there. I don't blame you for how you feel but it would be a shame to not come on here anymore with the online friendships you have cultivated over the years.
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