Default Re: Open Letter To Management & Fans Re Live Nation Merch Stores Part2

Thank you everyone

I've spent a few days seriously considering throwing it in. Truly.

But it's not the band. Even IF management are at all at fault that's not the band. What management can do with LN who really knows. Maybe it's less than I think.

When I say "mega fan" that's only in terms of money - nobody is really a bigger fan than any other and I know that - every purchase should be treated the same and there are all kinds of shitty things going on with reselling merch and tickets and I totally support all efforts to limit things so the real fans get what the band offers.

Anyway you all make many good points about why we are all really here and I know I have at least some value along the way - and to just remove that from everyone would really only end up hurting me more than this shit.

I've talked a lot over the years about the karma I've had with the band. For me that's all been in collecting - others get it in meeting the guys and getting into gigs etc. I spend a good amount of time looking at stuff, but honestly it's not as much as some people probably think - crazy shit just lands in my lap most of the time.

Last night I was talking (in person) to someone I know well. He's been to two Foo gigs - once with me - likes them OK but a huge Metallica fan. He sums up his argument by saying "Don't be a dick Mike - you know you can't stop now and how much of your most important stuff ever came from the store anyway?"

I knew he was right - I could just dial it back and let things happen however they are meant to, maybe including the store a bit if needed. Avoid some of the stress that the BS has loaded on the good shit recently.

Felt a lot better last night after that - even with a hangover

And then in true Foo karma fashion I see this today. Granted at least April saw it sooner than me but others that I know (and have talked to) would have bought, but didn't as they hadn't seen it. And maybe that's the real point - everything with this band happens for a reason.

I want to thank Jill again for her support - you do a great job on the board stepping in when needed (including a few times @ me when I've lost my temper over the years), but your emails have shown me a lot more about how much you really care. That's been a nice takeaway from all the crap as well.

Mods we can close this one if you want - and thanks guys - all your comments did help this old flipper