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It sucks for the genuine fans but in some ways the people in bands prefer to sign for the pros in a lot of these situations. The reason being, they know a lot of their faces, especially in places like LA and London. They're the same ones each time, so they know they're cool, despite also knowing they're planning to sell them. Fans on the other hand, are an unknown quantity. Whilst 99.9% are of course normal, regular fans, you just never know when that 0.1% turns up and does something crazy/harmful. They are always wary of that "fan", hence the need for security at all times.

Not saying they go out of their way to avoid the fans, obviously they don't, but if they can get through an unknown/uncontrolled crowd only having to deal with the pros, they'll not mind.
That's interesting, hadn't thought of that.

In Dave's case I think he also plays the long game - he keeps good relationships with the hounds and gives them what they want, so they'll leave him alone when it really matters (ie when his family is around).

But yeah, it all kinda sucks for the fans, doesn't it
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