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I have a big birthday coming up. For a few years, I had hoped to do a Europe show for it. If I do it, I'm doing it by myself. So I'm trying to figure out where and when and if I can do it. I've only been to Paris and only a week. Basically I don't know what I'm doing there but it'd be the adventure of a lifetime

You can always meet us.
Leeds & Reading, 2019
Pula,Croatia x2, 2019
London Stadium x2, 2018
Etihad Stadium,Manchester 2018
Sportpaleis Arena,Antwerp,2018
O2 Arena,London,2017
Nos Alive Festival,Lisbon,2017
Accor Arena,Paris,France,2017
Cheese & Grain,Frome,2017
Krakow Tauron Arena,2015
Milton Keynes National Bowl x2,2015
Lancashire CCC Ground,2015
Invictus Closing Concert,2014
Sound City Players, London,2013
Leeds Fest,2012
Milton Keynes,2011
Wembley Stadium,2008
Manchester City Stadium,2008
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