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Only one US show? In Washington? And it's just a festival?

I really hope they play some southern-central USA shows.
Yes, that's the only US Show they'll play all year.

Guys don't panic, these are just the dates already confirmed. I have no inside knowledge and this list is obviously not complete, just what is known to date.

The festivals and special shows tend to be announced first because of their nature but I can guarantee there will be a full tour across the whole of the USA to support the album, as well as plenty of other countries just like there has been for every album previous. As an example the first US tour dates for ESP&G weren't announced until November 2007, quite a while after the album released.

Who knows when they'll be announced this time, but it's usually at least after the record is released and you don't need to start panicking they're not coming near you yet.

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