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Beautiful people blog, help! Help please one brazilian fan to tattoo!

I'm crazy for tattooing verse "Make my way back home when I learn to fly ..." of music Learn to Fly. However, I can not reach the conclusion at the end of the verse has the word "high"!

In the liner notes of the CD does not have the letter, in some sites encounter with the word at the end of the verse, other sites do not have the word, ie, I'm lost! Did you guys can take this question and solve my problem (and maybe some other fans who are in the same dilemma as mine)?

My tattoo artist has made ​​the sketch, only lack certainty about the blessed word! Please, help me! I do not know where to turn!
Sorry about my poor english =/

Full of hope, a big kiss, Luana Rosário.
I feel your problem. But when you listen to the song you clearly hear him sing something like "high" and I think it really is "high". What other word could it possibly be? Hi? When he sings it live, he usually skip that word though...
I wouldn't have that word on the tattoo anyway, I think it sounds better without it.
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