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I think people are getting spoiled with the free shipping sites like Amazon,, etc.

Honestly? I just ordered two Chicago shirts for friends who were there, and got two DC Black Cat shirts for me and my son, who were there (not that it matters, they're cool designs, so anybody has every right to enjoy them!). I initially considered the shipping as being high, but realized that I'd pay the $26-$28 per shirt if there was free shipping, so it least I can justify it to myself.

There are bigger problems in this world right now than arguing about whether basic Capitalism is fair or not.
You've bought a couple of T-Shirts. My total in the last 3 months is over $1200 US. When I can see and prove that I've pissed more than $200 into Firebrands hands for putting stuff into envelopes I have every right to point it out, especially when it is WAY more than the previous cost.

Nobody complained about the old store's shipping prices. They were higher than actual cost but that is capitalism, this is upsetting people as it is SO much higher than cost.

How you can justify what you would be paying if there was free shipping is a logic I don't follow - it wasn't an option, there was an actual cost and another as a shipping charge, and you chose to pay the total. If the shipping was actually 50% higher than cost, you chose to ignore it, and big whoop you're in the States it was only $8 or whatever. Try and work the same logic when the shipping cost staring you in the face is $80 and you know it will cost $30 to send.
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