Default WELCOME TO MARWEN (and Foo music in film)

And the award for best use of a song in a film trailer goes to...

I remember seeing an early cut of THOR, before WALK was released, and hearing Dave’s voice in the bar scene. It was really jarring (and, working for the studio, I was the only exec in our post-screening meeting to geek out about that short scene)

Any other interesting uses of Foo music in movies/tv?
London Stadium, June 23 '18
London Stadium, June 22 '18
02 London, Sep '17
Paris, Jul '17
Paris, Nov '15
Milton Keynes Bowl, Sep 5 '15
Wembley,19 June '15
Wembley, 20 June '15

Invictus Games, London Sep 14 '14
Sound City Players, London, Feb 19 '13
Reading, Aug '12
Milton Keynes Bowl, Jul 2 '11
NME Awards Feb 23 '11
TCV Download Jun '10
TCV Hammersmith 17 Dec '09
Wembley, 6 Jun '08
O2, Nov 17 '07
Live Earth Jul 7 '07
BDO Sydney, Jan '03
BDO Sydney, Jan '00
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