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We really need them to do a 'Tour of smaller venues with setlists full of rarities for the hardcore fans'. Might need a catchier title though.
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Scenesters and scalpers would still fuck us, the TRUE FANSİ because if it's more "exclusive" they'll just sell'em faster, to posers and people like that.
Right. The thought of it is nice, but I suspect there are reasons the bigger acts out there don't do it. For one, I do wonder what the likelihood of "actual/real" fans getting tickets for cheap would be, regardless of the set list.

Second of all, what if it's only a show or two? A lot of us might say we'd jump on something like that, but when it'd actually come down to paying to fly out to L.A. or wherever and paying for a ticket... might be a different thing altogether. There's going to be a difference between us actually being there or just reading about it or watching 2-3 minutes of given songs on YouTube.

On the side, this sort of thing is what most veteran band fanbases talk about online anyway, so it's not a situation we're only in. I suspect if these "mythic" rarity tours were something that was doable, they'd probably be done by now anyway. But if you have 5+ albums and a fanbase that can fill arenas or stadiums, it's really not a situation you can win entirely anyway, at least among the parts of the fanbase that has seen you live already or follows you enough as it is. Unless i'm in that boat, it's really hard for me to judge what's going on in the end, imo.
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