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As I'm "working" from home today, seems a perfect time to go through what I have:


Self Titled - Mint
TCATS - Near mint. So happy to have finally got this
TINLTL - Mint. Still has the FF transfer too
One By One - Near mint
In Your Honour - Mint. UK set with The Sign
ESP&G - Mint
Greatest Hits - Mint
Wasting Light - Mint. EU pressing which I totally forgot I'd pre-ordered.
Wasting Light - Sealed. US pressing from the Deluxe pre-order
Medium Rare - Mint


This Is A Call - 12" luminous vinyl
I'll Stick Around - 12"
I'll Stick Around - 7" red vinyl
Big Me - 7" white vinyl
For All The Cows - 7" blue vinyl
DOA - 7" yellow vinyl
The Pretender - 7" clear vinyl
Long Road To Ruin - 7"

Was sure I had more singles than that, but am missing loads from other bands, so must be in one of the boxes I haven't unpacked from when we moved
03/06/95 KCLSU - 25/11/99 Brixton - 24/08/05 Astoria - 18/11/07 02 Arena - 06/06/08 Wembley Stadium - 07/08/08 Wembley Stadium - 25/02/11 Wembley Arena - 03/07/11 MK Bowl - 11/07/11 Camden Roundhouse

You can see my music collection here - - It's very much a work in progress, so more stuff will be added as I get round to it! (Needs quite a bit adding now)

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