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Just as I'm consoling myself and wondering just how big this fucking new grapefruit knee ornament will get...

This recognisable dude strolls out and flicks three or four picks out into the crowd. I tried to capture a picture of him but the camera was still in video mode from the 360, and worse the video became blurry as fuck because I ended up having to use one hand to actually try and catch one of the picks
The Yeti 01
The Yeti 02

I wasn't as good a one handed one legged acrobat as I thought, because I palmed it, thought I'd knocked it down into the ground, and was hurriedly looking for it, when the guy in front's girl friend grabs me and says no you knocked it into the downturned hat of boyfriend's raincoat... she fishes it out and he insists that I touched it first so it's mine - true old school gig etiquette - and I'm forever thankful to you.

Later back at home...
The Pick 01
The Pick 02
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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