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Thought I'd share with everyone an email I got from one of the top collectors to me and THE top collector (Alban) and my reply. It's a good question and while I could be wrong, my answer shares my thoughts on the reply and a bunch of other stuff about the album and the Foos in general right at the moment. I really haven't said any of this elsewhere on the board so this kinda records my feelings here too.

Hell it's just my opinion for sure, but share any thought on the question or my comments, or just have a read and see the kind of shit we chat about from time to time

Hey you guys,

how are you? still like me expanding the FF collection?

just a little question; do any of you have any idea why there are no (commercial) singles released on CD so far from Wasting Light? is this a band decision or has Sony Music a hand in this?

Also, from the former albums (OBO, IYH and ESP&G) they has these cheap looking in white (folded) sleeve single promo CD-R's, usually from the UK (Sony/Columbia). For Wasting Light I haven't seen these till now, only some very expensive Hong Kong Rope and Walk promos. Any idea what the reason for this?

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From what I can tell the band very much sees Wasting Light as one piece of work that should be played all together as much as possible. That is what they have done from the start - in the demo shows and all the concerts promoting the album.

The rope vinyl single is the only release so far and even has the actual rope album version as the B side. This was deliberate, the Deadmau5 mix is the reason for the release, NOT rope.

So it wouldn't surprise me if they never release any CD singles or even any other vinyl for the album. I don't think it will probably be that way again for new albums - but it seems that will be what happens for this release.

The CDR singles that are out there are for the "lesser release" countries, it looks like the main countries probably got everything digitally (at the radio stations).

There are full album promo cds in the style of the old "white sleeve CDR's", and the band have been very careful with these - they are watermarked - or printed with the actual name of the recipient, which makes it pretty easy to tell who let their copy into circulation. There are also some dvd promos as you would expect for the videos.

Again this just continues the "full album" theory pretty well. The UK and US CDR releases are only for the full album so far. What you can say without any doubt is that Sony will do whatever the band want, They MIGHT have suggested this approach, but I think it was Dave and the band who decided to go this way.

If you look at the "big picture" of it all, it has very much been about a retro way of doing everything from start to finish. Analogue tape recording. In a garage. With old band members. With a song about Kurt Cobain. Lyrics and music written "on the fly", and tracks recorded all together for each song rather than in the standard industry format of drums/bass for all songs then guitars, then vocals etc. The another vinyl only release of cover songs; vinyl only is another "old" thing, so are most of the cover songs. And then the Back and Forth documentary: finally going back over all the old shit and telling everyone exactly what was what and why.

I simply think the band is not interested in promoting one song at a time - it is all about the whole record for Wasting Light. They don't need the money - and there is almost no value financially in physical singles now anyway, they are making everything in downloads and concerts, and are touring furiously as they always do. But I think this album is different for Dave in a lot of ways, it is not an album of songs, it is an album of music.

If I was putting words into Dave's mouth I think he is just saying "Buy the album or come and see us live, we really don't care if that fucks anyone off, that's what we want".

That is how I see it - if you look at some of the comments in the B&F doco I think this is a "We finally get it" album, and it comes accompanied with a set of "And let's clear the air and move on" set of additional stuff.

I think it's all been superbly well done - I can't wait for what comes next!


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