Default Re: "Foo Fighters Joined By ‘One Of The Biggest Pop Stars In The World’ On New Album"

It's not Katy Perry or Taylor Swift.

Both Taylor and Katy have been *suggested as the *mystery collaborator on the latest Foo Fighters album *Concrete And Gold after Dave teased they had teamed up with “the *biggest pop star in the world”.

But Dave insisted neither star was involved.

He said: “If I was smart enough and wanted to sell more records, I should have asked them. But this is *someone no one would expect in a million years.

“We also have SHAWN STOCKMAN from BOYZ II MEN on the heaviest song on the record and *TAYLOR GREENWOOD is on there too.

“Next time around maybe we’ll go for *politics.

“Wouldn’t it be so good if we got BARACK OBAMA?”
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