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Nah man, musically speaking, especially early Smashing Pumpkins stuff was on a whole different musical level than the Foo Fighters. There are a lot of bands I love that are musically more interesting and, I guess, more intellectual than the Foo Fighters... it's like Nate has said in interviews often, the rule in the Foo Fighters is to keep it as simple as possible. But that doesn't mean Dave isn't a good musician, he obviously is.
Not to be dismissive, but "Today" is "Sweet Child Of Mine" on valium, "Cherub Rock" is an exercise in E major, "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" is a grunge reduction of "Enter Sandman", and I could do this with almost every hit of theirs.

We are wandering into opinion land, sy I'll just say the hallmark hits of Smashing Pumpkins aren't paragons of originality.
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