Default Re: June 2018 - Manchester and London, UK (Please read FAQs)

Dave Grohl- YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLEASE! 1. Bought the new album ( retail) no code therefore could not go on pre-sale! 2. been life-long fans and bought EVERY album you've made. 3. been to see you live in the UK previously ( thankfully). 4. Only 2 gigs in the UK?. 5. wanted 4 tickets to celebrate a special birthday 5. went on line at 9am - blocked out by all the touts and re-sellers - no standing tickets avalaibale! 6. within 30 minutes tickets for Manchester for sale at cú500! and cú1000 for London on stub hub! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT ALL YOUR GENUINE FANS HERE IN THE UK? #foofighters #dgrohldaily #sweetparamania @dgrohldaily @sweetparamania
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