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Not at all knocking Simon's reply to you about the haphazard ordering here, just he talked re CD and I simply don't think a box will be CD centric.

I think that yes there is a least some sign (IMHO) that a box set of (vinyl in particular) will be released.

I'm actually wondering if it might even be very limited - just because I'm wondering what their appetite to go all out for "25" (ie Dave) vs management saying "that just wont sell well enough on all the old songs", actually is.

What would you want most? (No I'm not running a vote)

1) Extended album vinyl box set (stuff we never got on each album)
2) Extended EP vinyl box set (everything released (and maybe not released) that was previously only digital (CD/internet)
3) Cant decide and I'd buy both.
Not voting/tallying but 3
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