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I love you both... you both get it

I also love to rant and rave (like nobody knows this lol). And honestly I'm just waaay past being called out for anything I say, and factually I'm like prob 3/5 of many here in terms of knowing stuff (hopefully not in terms of saying stuff I know nothing about, which is important... opinion is one thing etc etc).

But hey at least I'm still amusing a few people I care about and it's mildly intelligent or even sometimes accidentally slightly insightful


3) is the only correct answer

I've revised the numbering. The album will be a fuck out on all the numbers called...


20 years since 95.
A future date that can leave everyone wondering, (aka 2112 Rush).
100 Years until the band ends in 2095. (ie we'll be here all our lives, and maybe still remembered then).

Hell I dont know - just make me the boxset and sign up my estate
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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