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So if you ever had the thought of collecting EVERY setlist... then I'm sorry but you're FUCKED!!! LOL

2016: Out of nowhere I'm sent a photo...

ME: Tim please WTF... ??

TIM: That was the setlist for the Watt show in Seattle.

(2018 ME: The King Cat Theater 11th May 1995 Seattle, WA (Kudos Simon again, thanks mate - so easy!)

2016 (Memorable crazy emails...)
ME: It appears to be the immortal hand of Mr Grohl?

TIM: Yes, Dave wrote it out!

ME: But is that ON Mr Watt, or is that William?

TIM: Hahaha -- that's Willy! They didn't have any paper to write down the set list!
I had a Design Marker in my pocket, so I said to Dave "Write it on Willy's chest -- that would be hilarious!"
I'm not sure how long it took to get that was permanent marker!

Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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