Default Re: When/Why did you start collecting?

I got into the Foos around Learn To Fly and it's still one of my favourite songs. Mainly because of the memories I think. I love it when they play it live even though it seems like everybody else complains because it's essentially a pop song!

I bought the LTF singles and the first two albums together. Then I bought TINLTL and the follow up singles. This is what, 99? I'd just gotten into downloading MP3's and I think it all started with Fraternity. I friggin love that song! I downloaded and really wanted a physical copy so I searched and found the Aus version if the album. Ordered. Delivered. Hmm..what else can I buy? Oh the vinyl, free tattoo? kickass!

And then it quickly spiralled out of control lol!

I mainly bought stuff for B-Sides and along the way picked up promos and tapes and stuff.

I mentioned in another thread I gave it all up around 1x1 but then I got back into it. It's nice having a head start and knowing what to look for and at the moment I'm not so bothered with buying standard release stuff. I'm more interested in things that crop up that I've just never seen before and are therefore probably rare.

This time around it's a billion times easier to find what you want, compare a listing on ebay with another collector, get advice etc. It was hella lonely first time round but now there's a community so it's pretty cool.
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