Default No special requests - marriage, death, illness, etc.

I want to address the TONS of e-mails, posts and PM's that we are receiving this tour from people that have to meet the band, want a shout out or that want tickets because of the following:
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Birthday
  • Sick relative, friend or really great person
  • Dying relative, friend or really great person
  • My kid LOVES them and wants to meet them
  • I am part of ABC organization and could they come and do this one thing?
  • I don't want to meet anyone...I just want you to have them give us a shout out at the show because of a wedding, engagement, birthday, sick or dying person.
  • Can I get a signed pictures item because of a wedding, engagement, birthday, amazing, sick or dying person.
  • Can Dave call my .....?
  • Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout

We totally feel for your situation and if we had the power we would totally hook the whole world up. I don't want to seem glib about people with life threatening or terminal illnesses either. It sucks, I'm sorry and it makes me so sad.

However, this is the reality...the band is very busy and they are scheduled usually up to the minute with radio station gigs and other things related to the tour. The amount of requests for any number of these type of requests have tripled with the popularity of the band. If they made time for all the requests, we would never see them actually play music.

So, no the band can't do this one thing for you. Thank you for understanding!
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