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Hi My name Shelley from CT.. I went to Bamboozle and saw Foo Fighters for the very first time and was amazed that I knew some of your songs but didnt know it was My bad.. Upon reading your letter about your hiatus I just have to tell you the profound effect you had on my life and that sometime I have the privilege to see the Foo Fighters in concert again someday..

Last October I went thru a devastating break-up, I was pretty lost for awhile.. As i was trying to get over it I started to buy tickets for concerts because of my love for music.. I saw Bamboozle and didnt really want to go that far but had some good bands Blink 182 one of them.. But Blink was going to Mohegan Sun the casino in CT and I bought tickets for my son and I (who also was so great to me during this time) But they canceled and we were so disappointed. But my son remembered that they were going to Bamboozle and that maybe we could go there instead anyway.. Well let it be said that his favorite band replaced Blink 182 and it was My Chemical Romance. I have to admit he begged quite So we bought the tickets..

It was nice I have to admit the ocean breezes, drinking a beer listening to some great music from some good bands.. I even got offered to be picked up to people NOT..lmao But when FF came on and sang I have to tell you that it just made me realize that I had forgotten myself and your music had inspired me to be me again.. I dont know, when I tell people how i feel they think im nuts and thats ok.. But i just wanted to tell you how I felt..

And know that for all of the hundreds of thousands of people that you have played for and sang to, know that for me, you have changed and reminded me of who I am.. And now I am stronger, better, and also happier than I have been in along time..

So take your break and I hope to see you again sometime in the future in or around CT. Because I will be there for you as you have been there for me. And if not I am thankful that I bought all your

A Heartfelt Thank You for being an awesome group..

Shelley Sher CT