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Hey dave what's up!.......I haven't been here in a while, lol. Yeah anyways I wanna say a big thank you guy's for totally pulling off a kickass tour playing two shows in one year, last year, rocking your damn balls off! one at goat island, which was fucking awesome cause it was recorded live and I got to hear all the songs from wasting light, and later that year when you guys played the big as soccer stadium they got planted located in redfern, sydney, it totally rocked my entire fucking year last year (which wasn't that long ago haha) and I just thank you guys for playing here with a frekin killer record, wasting light, which is one of the most killer records I've heard in a while, also one I can strongly relate to. I also look forward to hearing your new project you got in plan. You guys continue to inspire me each and every time and I totally honor you dave. Cheers!.
♥Saw foos live 16/1/03 & also 24/10/05, 2008, and twice in 2011, lol all 3 frekin kickass shows! and I could do it again and again♥
♥Dave grohl is the coolest, most talented, funniest, kickass musician to have ever had his ass born...I have honestly meet nobody as kickass as dave♥
♥Ok so I cant tell who is better then the other on drums, Taylor and Dave are like lost related twins I swear on that one♥
♥I know my username sucks♥