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Brilliant that Dave and the boys are taking a break. Of course we're all going to miss them but when they come back, we'll all reap the benefits.

Dave needs to look after his voice and give it a break otherwise he's going to wear it out completely. I want to see the Foo Fighers peforming for at least another ten years! Somebody on the site compared the Foos as the modern day Rolling Stones. I think this is totally true. I've seen the Stones 14 times since 1975 and I never thought anybody could come close to better them live.

WRONG!!!! Seen the Foos 8 times and they are my favourite band ever. I have never seen any band give so much when playing live. Dave makes you feel that he really is giving everything, every single time he goes out and plays. You feel that connection every single time and you know and feel that something special is occurring.

This intensity cannot be continued without a break so take your foot off the live pedal for a while Dave. Re-charge and we know that you'll be back with more of the same and better.

Thanks for the inspiration and hope that you have given me. Can't wait for the next time. Enjoy your break!

What they said but I havent seen the Rolling Stones, and Ive only seen Foos once... However rest is true