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Well... these German shows seemed a surprise...

You'd think there would be UK festivals, I mean Download, Reading, IOW, TRNSMT, BST, are all likely candidates for the UK. Though if you're strictly looking at payday's the Foo's headline shows will always blow any UK festival fees right out of the water..

I think shows like TRNSMT and BST are almost headline shows anyway, they aren't real festivals in the traditonal sense, with generally a couple of stages.

IOW ticket prices are pretty cheap for a Foo show, it'd be cool if they'd play Reading, next year would be 7 years since they last played.. and I cannot believe that myself.. seven years.. when did that happen.
Foo headline shows have upfront costs that take a while to recover though, hiring the stages, stage hands, one off staff, advertising, logistics etc etc. Festivals are far simpler, they just have to turn up with their gear, a bit of a stage setup, and play.
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