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Then they played the concert, which you can watch on You Tube.


It was amazing. It was a totally unique experience. Such small concerts are more family-oriented and more spontaneous. Several strange incidents couldn’t be avoided, of course.

The first song that was played, “Stay with me”, allows for everyone to play a solo. Taylor’s solo always comes last and it was the same that time. He started his solo and, after 5 beats, his shoelace got tangled in the pedal. The shoelace wanted to have its solo too, I guess.

Taylor also slashed his finger during one of the songs. They wanted to dress the wound with a duct tape. Dave joked that Taylor got wounded because he was constantly combing his hair with his fingers and demonstrated the way he did it.

Chris also sang one song at the concert. It was a cover of "Little T & A" by The Rolling Stones


After the concert, the atmosphere was totally picnic-like.

I noticed that Taylor didn't throw his drum sticks to the audience but took them with him. I managed to fight my other, cowardly self, and decided to ask him to give them to me. He was talking to somebody and when he was done I came up to him and, in trembling voice, I asked for them. For a moment, he was confused and didn't really know what I wanted (I must have said something stupid) but then he figured it out. He said he had no drum sticks and sent me to the technicians to get them. I did as instructed but they gave me 3 drum sticks they found on the stage. None of them was Taylor's though. Disconsolate, I went back to Taylor and put one of the drum sticks under his nose so that he would sign it for me. He glanced at it and said it wasn't his. I said: "Yes, I know that, but it's ok". At first, he tried to write with a marker that still had the tip on and I had to help him remove it like you help a child. That was cute.

I also talked to Rami and as soon as I mentioned Poland, he mentioned the concert.

I told Wiley that I loved the concert but was a bit disappointed they didn't play The Wizard. I'm not sure if he realized I was kidding (their sense of humor is totally different than ours). Anyway, he said that Taylor refused to play anything by Black Sabbath. Tough luck. Maybe next time. I was delighted anyway. I love it when Wiley sings "Turning Japanese" and they performed that one.

Chris came to say goodbye to me before he left, which was extremely nice. A little later Dave left. Taylor stayed late, until 8 in the evening.

In the evening, Wiley sat with me again and told me he had lived in Liverpool for 3 years and travelled across Europe quite a lot. However, he has never visited Poland. Then he got a Chevy Metal t-shirt out of the car. He said he brought it especially for me. That was awesome. I felt really special. He showed a lot of attention to me and I was in heaven ... and, as if that was not enough, David came out of the trailer and guess what was in his hand? He was holding the two drum sticks Taylor had been using during the concert. He got them especially for me!!! I cuddled the t-shirt and drum sticks for at least a minute and Wiley had a jolly good laugh about it.

Soon, it was time to go back home. I said goodbye to Wiley one more time. He wished me a safe journey home and said he hoped we would meet again in the near future. I said it might happen in 4 years or so but he said he hoped it would happen sooner than that. A very eventful day came to an end.

I would like to thank David very much for making it possible for my dream to come true. My dream came true in grand style. Thanks to him I was a VIP and I felt wonderful. Thank you!

Grant was endlessly patient and he made a very good interpreter. If it hadn’t been for him, I would have gone into shock and, secondly, there would be no photos now (it turned out I can’t take good photos).

I apologize to all my Californian friends who were having fun in front of the stage and I joined them only for a short moment. I’m really sorry.

Once again, I wish to thank Wiley for treating me (a crazy fan) so kind.

Wiley, I’m sorry I message you all the time but I just can’t refrain myself. I hope we’ll meet face to face again someday and I’ll have an interpreter who speaks both English and Polish fluently. I have several questions concerning The Birds of Satan I’d like to ask you.

Many thanks to everyone for such a warm welcome. It was amazing.


Casual observations not included in the above account (because that’s not done) which might be of great importance to female fans:



(translated by Ewa Stefaniak, a huge Foo Fighters' fan)


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