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Hi, i'm "the guy"
I was wondering why a couple of my vids got so many views so quickly, then youtube insight pointed me here and i saw this thread... strange reading a thread about myself
Anyway, thanks for the appreciation and glad you enjoyed. After my vids got more attention than i expected i felt a bit bad that i didn't put more effort into them, and in fact i redid a couple - White Limo on the day, and Bridge Burning a week later. I would be tempted to redo more e.g. Rope; however, the whole point of what i did was that it was spontaneous, kind of capturing and sharing the moment of listening to a new album for the first time. (Literally i listened to each new song then recorded it once i'd figured out the main chords and melodies). I guess i was inspired by the more live approach of the Foo Fighters to the new album.
I have done one more Foo Fighters cover since - Come Alive. This is a song that was much more ingrained already in my mind after listening to it many times in the past, and it means something to me personally. I also spent more time preparing it to do it proper justice.
But can i just end by saying that despite my best efforts i still feel like a piano cover can only be a pale reflection of the original - so don't want to divert attention from what it's all about i.e. the Foo Fighters... such a phenomenal band and make sure to support the band and buy the album
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