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Whilst wide scale CD single releases are never likely to happen again I've said many times that they should do exclusive releases in their online stores. Take pre-orders for a couple of weeks so they know how many to press, do that amount + 10% for anyone that missed it.

I've no idea if it would be profitable with low numbers but it'd just be something nice for the fans like us who desire some nice physical releases and don't want to make do with CDR promos on ebay as a replacement for the singles.
We've both been here many times (sigh).

Adam Lambert (2009 American Idol) just sold out 500 signed CD copies of Velvet Side A EP in what I understand was 8h 47mins (time - announced to sold out). 48 hours later there has been just one copy (still) on offer on EB.

Yes he fronts Queen, and (or but) he hasn't had a release out in his own name in 5-6 years.

Sure, one can point a Queen stick at that, one can point a totally different genre/audience stick at that (though go listen to it - it's quietly brilliant and all the more so as he wrote most of it and produced it himself - and states Prince as his primary influence... a rock(y) road of association the FF have definitely been down).

So I would never equate the two artists (and there must be many like Metallica that screw a tangent on it all via web sales that aren't even physical) but my point is there must be SOME idea that this is profitable (in answer to the main question).

But what is profitable? Maybe that's actually the real question.

1) Making direct money
2) Driving merch sales
3) Driving ticket sales
4) Driving (expanding) audience brand (band) awareness (that then hits all the above even if given at first for free)
5) Driving historical recognition (of past longevity/importance) - hitting existing (and spurring new) fans with old (but new) releases and packaging that promotes an entire catalog of past work (and renews their sale). No no no - the FF would never do this surely? Not at 20, 25, 00050525, 00950025 or even 01070725 years!

So then you have to step back and say OK, so you can eat the banana a hundred different ways (in combination) and still say someone(s) thought each one was a sweet banana.

Some artists are using the fruit they can reach to maximum effect, while others perhaps are going all out and doing crazy things with the low hanging bananas they can easily reach, while ignoring the fact they alone have access to the top branches, and the ability to do stuff with the tons of skins they have piled up that everyone else discards as rubbish because processing them has no positive (effort to value) volume equation.

CD's are only dead because people made them "dead", like they previously made vinyl "dead".

Convenience over Substance.

Eventually if convenience is(was) all that was left, substance will be all that is wanted.

In 2030-35 CD's (that haven't suffered disc rot) will be more valuable than "old" vinyl is today. It's insurgent in the fact that audio only translates to an ear, and an ear can not change, while a mindset can.

If you are a band and you want to be most successful (in terms of being remembered) you need to focus on just two things.

1) Humans need physical evidence to truly remember.
2) Humans hear in analogue stereo.
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