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It was done while he was still in the band?

I could have sworn I read / heard...And I specifically remember a PM exchange with Schu about this..that it was recorded around the time that Dave was either recording demos or tracking for the debut Foo Fighters album..that him and Barrett Jones were in the studio recording some random covers etc and Dave did a full band version of "About A Girl", with him recording vocals. bass, guitars, drums like the first FF record..

Dave's voice would suit this song very nice....I wouldn't exactly kill to hear the foos doing Nirvana songs at this stage..But someday it'd be nice to hear Dave singing that one..
The random covers thing is something he did pretty much all the time from when he first started recording his own stuff and "About a Girl" was definitely during a break in Nirvana....

Basically the info was from conversations I've had with someone who's heard a lot of that stuff thru Barrett (a friend of his) and someone who I can definitely believe what they say since they're the source for that "Down in the Park" session tape getting heard.

I have exchanged emails with Barrett himself years ago when I was doing an equipment guide for Ed's site "Up In Arms" but he never really divulged any info directly and is extremely guarded about the stuff he has.

I'd almost kindof doubt Schu really knew much about it at all.....Ed and I have always been the geeks about this kindof stuff.

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ok so we all agree he never gonna cover any, but since it is confirmed he "did" about a girl but its not circulating can someone try to find it?
Not a chance. Basically, given the weird circumstances of what ended Nirvana, it'd be way too fucking weird for people to hear Dave doing a Nirvana song. The chances of anyone who has it (which is basically limited to Dave and Barrett) leaking it out or letting it be heard went out the window when Kurt died
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