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I've got seated tickets for London on the 23rd.. We're staying in a hotel on Romford Road..

A while back (when the tickets were first announced) someone posted an image of an alternative route out of the stadium to avoid the tube station but I can't find it now..

Does anyone have any ideas where it is or what i'll need to do to get the wife and daughter to the hotel?

If there are taxis, i'll probably opt for one of those, but having never been to the venue i've no idea how it's all laid out..

Additionally.. With me bringing my Daughter.. i wasn't planning on getting there as soon as the gates open.. We've got seats so it shouldn't be a problem to get there for like 5pm i'm guessing?

I assume the Foo's won't actually be on until atleast 7..
Much like you we have a young(ish) child and I am also trying to work out all options for what to do about getting back to our hotel - and seeing which one to put into operation depending on prevailing conditions. Including walking 50 minutes if that feels less hassle ridden than tube/rail/queues. Or walking to the next Central Line station? But not at all expecting child to be up to that after a mind and body blowing day. They may be high on the whole thing though. Or practically asleep!

I'm assuming more like 8 for Foos? And also weighing up when to arrive given we obviously have seats. Might depend on the weather, and how much they are entertained by the Olympic Park.

Londonista information gratefully accepted.
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