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Basic idea for those who are too lazy to read long threads -
- List your foo vinyl collection, with pictures if you want.
- Maybe tell us about one or two of your favourite or most precious/valuable non-foo vinyls.
- Say what equipment you play them on.

I swear I'm not trying to rob you.

Ok.....I know there was a my foo collection thread but it never seemed to take off.
Anyway I'm more interested in what Foo vinyls everyone's got.

List 'em all off, maybe a nice little description and post a picture of your collection if you want.

Actually it would be interesting to see what kind of set up everyone's got to play them on too.

I'm still working on building mine. Got most of these last year before my money all ran out so I don't have many yet:

- The Colour and The Shape - UK Pressing, Really nice condition, near mint
- There is Nothing Left to Lose - UK pressing, Very good condition, again near mint, Tattoo still there
- 2x Wasting Light - US pressing, 45 RPM, One will stay sealed, the other will be played to death!
- In Your Honor - EU pressing, 33RPM, 4 vinyl box set. Mint.

- 2x Medium Rare - Again one to keep sealed and one for listening.
- One by One - 10" on the way, still sealed.
- Foo Fighters - UK first pressing, poor condition

I also got one of those blue TCATS fakes a good while ago just so I could stick it on my wall

- Exhausted (Promo) - 12", Mint condition
- This Is A Call - 12" luminous vinyl single
- I'll Stick Around - 7" Single, Red Vinyl
- For All The Cows - 7" Single, Blue Vinyl
- Big Me - 7" Single, White Vinyl
- Everlong - UK 7" Single, Blue Vinyl
- My Hero - UK 7" Single, Red Vinyl

-Rope - 12" single soon....hopefully

That's it so far, as soon as I start working again over the summer I'll build it up more.

Some Non-Foo Fighters Favourites:
A mint condition original 1969 pressing of Abbey Road by the Beatles
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream First Pressing, NM (Butch Vig knows how to produce a record!)
Led Zeppelin - IV - NM 1971 pressing
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours, original pressing, excellent condition, autographed by the band, picked it up for €21!!!!

Oh yeah...My turntable is a cheapo Steepletone ST918 that cost less than most of the vinyls I've got. About €35-€40. It suits what I need it for at the moment but I'll hopefully improve it soon. Don't want it doing damage.

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