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HEY THERE FF Fans Ive got a question----I was wondering what kind of turntable you all might recommend...( I dont have $$$$ to spend and not looking to have a complete stereo ensemble-ie speakers, amp, etc) Just looking for a good quality turntable that I can use to listen to my new vinyl recordings? Would greatly appreciate any input- Thanks
I would imagine your best bang for your buck from your description would be to buy a medium range USB enabled turntable. No need for any stereo system, play your records direct through your PC, and even record them.

Note I say medium range - not $40 cheap end. No idea for sure where you are but I would say the USA from your Emerson quote lol

Pro-ject would be my favourite. It may seem expensive at $400 but it will last and it will not destroy your records - you can play them over and over again and they wont sound any different if you look after them.

You can go way cheaper - but you get what you pay for, and so does your vinyl. My advice if you cant afford that level, just wait until you can. $400 is medium price - top end is $4000 plus. But everything is relative to what you want. A few records that you can replace then just look at the bottom end.

Sumiko is the US distributor - they can tell you local dealers - who may well do a much better deal.
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